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Do you fill out time cards by hand, or not at all? OnTime Biometric Time Clock program calculates payroll so you don't have to! Employees "clock in" using a keyboard, barcode reader, or fingerprint reader. Keep track of time your employees spend on specific projects or clients. When an employee starts work they "clock in." When they finish work they "clock out" and may specify what project or client they were working on. You will be able to produce payroll reports and managerial reports such as cost analysis per employee, job, or client. Find out who is most efficient and how much a job is costing you in wages with one click. If you currently do payroll by hand, this software will pay for itself in one week! Microsoft Access compatible lets you easily import/export data and link to any other Office software such as Word, Access, and Excel.

OnTime Biometric 2.6 Screenshots

See for yourself how OnTime can help you keep track of employee payroll and individual jobs.

OnTime Manager Interface Time Clock Clock-in Screen
Payroll Reports Client/Job Reports

New: Authenticate Employees With Fingerprint Reader

Clock In Screen Register Fingerprint Screen

Minimize To Taskbar and it stays running!


What Our Customers Are Saying

"OnTime helped us save hours of work calculating time cards. Using the Job Costing Report we were able to find out how much time we were spending on each client and cut costs."
-- Glen R., Package warehouse

Managers everywhere are chosing OnTime. Join our growing community of satisfied customers:
  • Doctor and dentist offices
  • Small businesses
  • Law Firms
  • Major US hospitals

How much will OnTime save me?

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